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Why Your Business Needs Ongoing Legal Advice about Employees

Posted by M. Margaret Gonsalves-Sabola | Apr 11, 2019 | 0 Comments

 Your business might need a lawyer not only when it first opens its doors, but also for ongoing legal advice about employees. Many legal issues involving employment may arise as your business grows, especially if you have more than a few employees.

Preparing Employment Contracts

Most businesses need some type of contract prepared for employees. It is a very good idea to have each new employee agree to and sign a legal contract that describes the terms of his or her employment. This contract does not need to be long, but it does need to follow the law. A knowledgeable employment lawyer can prepare all your employment contracts.

Further, some businesses need other kinds of employee contracts, such as those that cover confidentiality, ownership of creative works, noncompetition or solicitation, and more. You may not realize that your employees should be signing agreements that will protect your business, both while the employees work there and after they leave.

Ongoing Legal Advice

When your business has employees, you likely will need ongoing legal advice regarding many different issues. From terminating employees to handling leave requests, every business could use help handling employee questions in a legal and appropriate way.

For example, an employee may get injured while working at your business. The injury could lead to a permanent disability affecting your employee's ability to do his or her job. You may need to consider appropriate accommodations or allow your employee to take leave. The questions of which accommodations you need to provide and which actions you can take all should go through your lawyer. This is a tricky legal area that many employers do not address properly.

As you can see, the number of employment and labour laws out there that might apply to your business could surprise you. Employment discrimination and wrongful termination is a particularly hot topic that may come up. You might also have issues arise concerning wages, unions, safety, disputes, and more. If you have any questions at all or just want to learn the law, talk to a lawyer.

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