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Buying a Company in The Bahamas: What You Need to Know

Posted by M. Margaret Gonsalves-Sabola | Jul 01, 2019 | 0 Comments

If you would like to buy a company in The Bahamas, do your due diligence before you make the purchase. You will want to investigate many aspects of the new company, including the owners' background, its financial situation, and the market. Also, you may need a legal agreement to seal the deal.

Beginning Your Research into Buying a Company

You may have already identified a company that you would like to purchase, or you may want to make an investment but are not sure where to put your money. Either way, you need to research the prospective company or companies so that you understand the risks and what could happen in the future. For example, you could start by investigating the market in the industry that you have selected. Maybe the market is in a slump right now or prices for supplies are very high. This could affect your decision to invest.

Once you pick a company that you would like to buy or invest in, you should research that specific company to learn more. Find out about the current owners, check for solvency if financial statements are available, and look for customer reviews. If you cannot find any of this information during your research, plan to ask the owners before you finalize the deal.

Type of Purchase

Make sure you understand the effects of different kinds of purchases. You may have the opportunity to purchase the assets of the company, purchase some or all of the shares, or both. If the previous owners retain any control in the company because of the type of purchase you make, you could have difficulty making changes. For example, you may want to lay off long-time employees or close a branch of the business, but the previous owners might resist.

Legal Agreement

The buyer of a company should request that the seller sign a legal agreement documenting the sale. The agreement serves several purposes:

  • Documenting the sale price
  • Explaining exactly what you are buying
  • Protecting yourself in case the seller backs out of the sale
  • Detailing the timeline for payment and transfer of assets

If you are moving forward with purchasing a company, talk to a lawyer for advice about the agreement that you should sign. Even with research, buying a business can still lead to some unexpected surprises, so having legal help on your side is an asset.

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